The BA Pilot Assistance Network is here for you.

Trained, pilot volunteers supporting fellow flight crew members, colleagues and their families.

We are an independent, confidential service for British Airways pilots, their colleagues and their families.


Please note: this website does not provide an emergency service. 

For operational emergency: contact the Duty Flight Crew Manager.

For personal support: contact the Flight Crew Business Managers or the BALPA helpline.

What would you like to do?

Request a conversation. 
Use this link to arrange to talk with a trained pilot volunteer.


Find out how this service works? 
Use this link to find out how our confidential, independent service works. 

Access helpful resources?
You are not on your own. Use this link to access a suite of effective resources.

Prefer to talk to an external Peer?
We understand that in the current times you might prefer to speak to a trained peer from outside your airline.

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