Sometimes the best person to talk to is someone who knows exactly what it's like to be a pilot.

How do I speak to a Peer?

  • Complete the contact request form below (having read the terms and conditions)

  • Once we have received your request, we will send you an email or text confirmation.

  • A peer volunteer will contact you within the time you requested.

  • The peer volunteer will send you an initial text or email (whichever you select as your preference) to arrange a suitable time to talk over the phone.

  • Following that conversation you will both decide how you can best be supported.

Whether you are a BA pilot seeking help for yourself, or a concerned colleague or family member, the BA Pilot Assistance Network is here to help. We are a network of trained BA pilot volunteers who are willing to listen and support you when you need an impartial, friendly peer at the other end of the phone.

Use this contact form to request to speak with a peer
If you have a general enquiry please contact us here

     Terms and Conditions


  • You understand that your request is not an emergency. Click here if it is. 

  • Your confidentiality is our main priority and will be protected to the highest degree.*

  • This is a peer support service staffed by trained, fellow volunteer pilots. While they have skilled access to resources and a range of professionals, their primary role is to support you as a peer.

  • The peer volunteer will not tell you what to do, make decisions for you or intervene on your behalf.

  • Consequently, the volunteer pilots, the PAN programme, CAP or BA cannot be held responsible for decisions and actions you may take following contact with the PAN.

  • Having said that, we are here for you and will do everything we can within these parameters, to support you.

  • As we are continually learning and striving the improve this service, your feedback is important to us. Consequently, if you make contact with us, when appropriate, we will ask for your consent to request feedback once your case is closed. 

* The only exception to this is that if you tell us that either you or someone else is in imminent danger we are obliged to act on this information - and this may include waiving your confidentiality.

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