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SpeedbirdPAN peers are a group of pilots from all fleets and ranks reflecting the diverse demography of the BA flight crew community. Our peers volunteer their time to offer confidential, non-judgmental support, and guidance to BA pilots with any personal or professional concerns they may have - however large or small. Peers respond to requests for contact and find the experience of supporting colleagues in their hour of need, worthwhile and fulfilling. 


The success of the programme, coupled with the expansion of PAN into BA CityFlyer and BA EuroFlyer, means that more peers are needed to maintain a credible service to the line community. As the programme has matured and become trusted among pilots, we are continually seeking to extend and refresh our peer group.  


Consequently, we are always happy to hear from BA colleagues who might wish to join our programme. While we are presently training peers as and when vacancies occur, we are looking to create a hold pool of potential peers.


If you are interested in becoming a SpeedbirdPAN peer you can submit your application to us and we will hold it until a vacancy occurs. At that point we will make contact with you, check that you are still interested in the position and explain further about the selection process. While we welcome applications from all fleets, we would be especially keen to hear from BA CityFlyer and BA EuroFlyer pilots to better serve these communities.


Successful applicants will be selected, trained and supported by the Centre for Aviation Psychology, along with existing trained and experienced peers. The peer community group meets each quarter to share experiences and undergo further training. Casework (30-60 hrs/year) is on a voluntary basis, however all training, initial and recurrent, is credited.


Applicants will be expected to demonstrate excellent listening skills, a high degree of empathy and confidentiality as well as good judgement and evaluation of personal issues. Much more about these core skills and requirements will be included in the training.


The first step in applying to join SpeedbirdPAN is to submit a brief CV along with responses to the following two questions (in around 200- 250 words per question):


  1. What is your prime motivation in seeking to become a peer?

  2. What skills (or life experiences) do you possess that would make you especially valuable as a peer? 


Please email your CV and responses to the questions to If you have any questions please let us know (via the same email address).

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