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" I have contacted Speedbird Pan 3 times now about 3 very different issues. Each peer was professional, understanding and incredibly helpful. The conversations helped me immensely and the ability to discuss issues confidentially is fantastic. I can not recommend the service enough."


" With more experience and better resilience skills at hand now, I can indeed smile about my own firm landings…however, the above event left me mildly demoralised and in self-doubt, which I do not wish for anyone to experience. Our psychological peer support program can be an ideal solution here. "

Marital Issues

" I had marital issues, and was probably slightly nervous at telling a stranger about personal problems though helped very much by it being someone who does the same job. "

Feeling Low

"I was at a very low ebb when I contacted Speedbirdpan. Talking with the Speedbirdpan peer was very helpful - it was good to have that immediate reassurance that I wasn’t the first to have this type of experience. It was also nice to feel like there was someone on my side who was concerned only with my well-being in the short term and with helping me overcome the problems I’d had at work in the longer term. I am so glad I used the service and I’m very thankful for the help and support I have received from my pilot peer. It’s a cliche, but I don‘t know what I’d have done without this service over the past 18 months."


“ I can not thank you enough - you gave me the firebreak I needed.”


" I will always be thankful to the PAN colleague for their support, helping clarify the possible options and outcomes but most importantly giving me the necessary confidence to  overcome the anxiety caused by the failure."


“ PAN has most definitely helped me.”


“ Thank you for your support. There is still a lot going on but I now know I have some people out there to talk to.”


" Thank you for all your help and support - and all your time on this... it’s been extremely helpful, right from the start - in fact especially at the the start. To have a sounding board through quite a daunting experience has been invaluable, and proves that the PAN service works - I wouldn’t hesitate to fully endorse it to anyone... "

Full Stories

For BA staff, full testimonial stories from pilots are available for you to read on the PAN section of the PLA site:

This link will direct you away from the Speedbird PAN website to the internal BA PLA site, which will require an ESS login to view.


" My own personal experience of OCD, is that there is help available. The biggest and simplest help is by simply talking to someone ….it can simply be a friend or colleague who is willing to listen."


" Whilst I felt it is necessary to put on a brave face, it was very important to talk about how I was dealing my grief….it was important to not to bottle it up or it would just get worse."


" I was just anxious about talking about my problems and where it might lead. To that end I found the website information helpful and the presentation during a ground training day also very helpful. The options in terms of contact were also attractive."


" I contacted PAN when confronted with an issue at work. I was very impressed with the ease of the online form and the speed in which I was contacted. I initially received a text message from a PAN representative offering a large range of times and communication options. I found the phone call very easy and I immediately felt a lot better about my situation. At the end of the call I was offered as much or as little support as required, and again this could have been via any communication method. I would definitely recommend anyone to use PAN to gain as much or as little support as you need."


" Without the PAN (and specifically your wise and patient counsel), I don’t think I would have had the confidence to properly address my issues - I probably would have stuck with self medicating and ended up in a much worse place both professionally and personally."

Family Separation

When my family separated I felt that my world had ended. On the outside I functioned normally and if anyone asked me, I was 'fine'. I knew that I should 'tick-off' calling Speedbird PAN at some point and for a while I put it off. Once I finally took some time to tell someone what I was going through, emotions appeared that I had buried. After that first phone call I felt that I had new space to breathe and every phone call since has been a port in a storm. That kind person on the end of the phone is still here for me years later. I don't know that I could ever really describe the difference that they made to my life.


“ It’s tough, and going to get tougher. Knowing you are there to talk to is a great help.”


" You have been there for the whole time for me. Whilst I may not have spoken to you regularly it was so great to know I had someone to lean on. Thank you so much for supporting me.”


" Simply sticking my hand up and asking for help was a big step as an admission I was struggling to cope, but previous conversations when I flew with a mentor meant I was confident in the process. I appreciate that the anonymous nature of the service makes things difficult, but one thing that helped me have the confidence to get in touch was already being aware of the human face of the organisation having flown with one of the mentors."

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