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Helping Friends and Colleagues

Helping Hands

Our pilot community has shown that we care about each other, working together to help in any way we can. The CRS pool was created to support as many pilots as possible during the transition to the new fleet plan and the mentoring system was set up for those facing redundancy to keep them informed of the help and options available.

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A Pilots Perspective

Image by Tyler Nix

Not long after I joined BA I remember operating a flight to North America. Where exactly I was going to I don’t recall but I do remember the Captain I was with. Now this was in those pre internet 90’s when a thud through your letter box meant the monthly bid pack had arrived, Balpa were battling to keep the cheese board loaded and emoji was one of ourNarita ICC’s!

“A Pilots Perspective”.pdf

Managing Social Media: Let it Help not Harm You

Social network concept

Without doubt social media is finding its way into every corner of our lives: it’s here to stay whether we like it or not.

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Reading Well

Reading Well.jpg

Reading Well provides quality-assured book lists of information and advice around mental health and wellbeing available through English public libraries:

Something Missing?

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If you have used or are aware of resources that could be helpful for your colleagues, please get in touch and let us know.


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