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BA Specific

Additional Articles/Resources (BA staff only)


All resources listed here are available for BA staff, their families and members of the public. There are some additional articles and resources which are for BA staff to view only. These articles can be found on the PLA Site.

This link will direct you away from the Speedbird PAN website to the internal BA PLA site, which will require an ESS login to view.

AXA Wellbeing Portal

axa 2.png

The AXA Healthcare scheme now replaces the previous HelpDirect scheme. This is a private health cover for flight crew for acute illness, including short term psychiatric/psychological interventions.


You can get extra support through the employee assistance programme (EAP) located in our base countries. Simply call them to have a chat about your situation and feelings. With absolute confidentiality, they’ll listen, advise and help you. 

This link will direct you away from the Speedbird PAN website to the internal BA SharePoint site, which will require an ESS login to view.



The British Airways Health Services (BAHS) team provides specialist confidential support and advice for aircrew. Pilots may seek advice about health issues or they may arrange an appointment with an Occupational Health Physician and AME. 
0208 738 7727



The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) is the professional association and registered trade union established to represent the interests of all UK pilots. The association holds the largest collective resource of commercial pilot qualification and experience in the UK.​

CHIRP - The UK Confidential Reporting Programme for Aviation and Maritime


The aim of CHIRP is to contribute to the enhancement of aviation safety in the UK and maritime safety worldwide, by providing a totally independent confidential (not anonymous) reporting system for all individuals employed in or associated with these industries.

Civil Aviation Authority


Aeromedical examiner section

Various documents for download at

Crew Care


A 24 Hour counselling service, counsellors are cabin crew members trained in crisis counselling adhering to BACP. 

Although aimed at cabin crew the service would not be refused for flight crew.



For operational issues, including urgent issues if you are shortly due to report:
0208 513 1515 (option 1,1).

Emergency Contact


If you have an emergency and really feel that you cannot help please contact: 
For operational emergency: contact the Flight Ops Duty Manager. 
For personal support: contact the Flight Crew Business Managers or the BALPA helpline.

Flight Ops wellbeing and inclusion advisory service

flight ops.png

A phone and email service 09:00-17:00 Mon -Fri. 
Support to colleagues experiencing harassment or bullying or other issues affecting wellbeing. 
Members include flight crew and flight ops ground staff.



24 hour telephone counselling support and guidance on legal, financial, tax, debt counselling, stress & emotional counselling, health, wellbeing & family issues.
0800 195 6999 outside UK +44 141 271 7188

Medical Pathways: CAA /NICE / Patient Plus


The CAA guidance for AME’s is below, which spells out exactly what is permissible for a class 1 medical:
Click Here

Then there's the NICE website, that sets out guidance for medical practitioners. The pathways are especially useful:
Click Here

Finally there is the professional resources section of It is a very useful resource, widely used by doctors and usually quite up to date. It breaks down most conditions and includes likely treatments and prognosis, generally in a pretty readable way.
Click Here

Safe Call


A confidential and independent service for staff to report concerns anonymously if wished by-passing normal BA procedures and forwarded to Senior BA management.  
The UK freephone number for Safe Call is 0800 915 1571  
If you wish to call Safe Call from abroad, a full list of their international numbers is provided below:
The below link will direct you away from the Speedbird PAN website to the internal BA Intranet site, which will require an ESS login to view.

Sim Anxiety

sim anxiety.png

The below url’s link to the Speedbird PAN Sim Anxiety iBook (both the BA staff and public versions) ​ _BA staff version (iBook format):

This link will direct you away from the Speedbird PAN website to the internal BA MLA site, which will require an ESS login to view.

Public Version (PDF Format):

This file is a downloadable PDF, which can be exported and read via the Apple iBook app, or similar PDF reading utility.

Validium v/Club


As part of your Helpdirect service you can access services online by visiting the vClub site.


vClub gives you access to a wealth of information and links on issues that may be affecting you or dependent family members. There are many help sheets available to download on a variety of topics including emotional issues, legal and money/debt concerns. The service is free, confidential to use and is secure.

To register on the site go to

and log in once with Username BritishAirways and Password speedbird

You will then be able to register for your personal vClub account.

We recommend you use an email address (work or personal) as your Username

Wellbeing & Inclusion - Flight Ops

Wellbeing BA.jpg

Wellbeing videos, mental health toolkit & videos, musculoskeletal issues, domestic violence help.

This link will direct you away from the Speedbird PAN website to the internal BA PLA site, which will require an ESS login to view.

Stronger Minds

Stronger Minds.jpg

Through the BA Healthcare Plan (AXA), there is a new service just released called Doctor@Hand. By downloading the “Doctor Care” app and registering through AXA’s welcome email, there is a “your benefits” section which gives information on how to access the Stronger Minds treatment service.

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