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Anam Cara


Anam Cara launches new online resources for vulnerable recently bereaved parents who not only have to cope and survive the death of their son or daughter (in all circumstances). They also have to contend with funeral restrictions and their support network not being able to comfort them physically.


Anam Cara has responded by launching 8 online video vignettes to complement their other online resources.  See them on:

or on Anam Cara's home page of:

Bereavement Advice Centre


Supports and advises people after a death in England and Wales. Their website and helpline provide help with the wide range of practical issues that need to be managed after a bereavement, as well as signposting to other support:

Child Bereavement UK

child bereavement.png

Supports families and educates professionals about childhood death and bereavement. Runs a helpline and individual, couples and family support sessions and groups across the country:

The Compassionate Friends


Offering support after the death of a child of any age and from any cause.

Cruse Bereavement Care


Support, advice and information when someone dies. Helpline, bereavement counselling and facilitated self-help groups across the country:

Dying Process for Loved Ones


These are useful websites to understand the dying process:


and its subsites

This article may also be of use to help recognise and understand when a loved one is dying:


“How to Recognise When Your Loved One Is Dying.pdf”


When you have a friend or family member diagnosed with a terminal illness, going into palliative care or about to start the dying process this is a must read. This book takes away the fear of dying and shows us how much care there is from the nurses and doctors involved:

Bereavement by Suicide


Supports those bereaved by suicide through a helpline, email and self-help groups:

Something Missing?

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If you have used or are aware of resources that could be helpful for your colleagues, please get in touch and let us know.


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