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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The below article and presentation also provide some thorough advice and guidance on managing post incident stress:


The below file is a downloadable PDF, which can be exported and read via the Apple iBook app, or similar PDF reading utility:


“Managing Post Incident Stress 2.pdf


“One of our own.pdf”

PTSD Resolution


Helps veterans, TA and reservists with military trauma. Coordinates a network of 200 accredited therapists with a focus on military PTSD.

Mental Health, Housing and Financial Guide for Veterans

Mental Health Guide for Venterans.png

The Speedbird PAN team were contacted by Lily from with the following message regarding PTSD support for veterans:


My name is Lily and I was searching for mental and financial support available to ex-servicemen like my grandad. Sadly he is an injured veteran and is struggling financially and with his mental health.


My grandad told me it is not uncommon for veterans to be struggling mentally and financially after they leave the forces, so I thought I would try to help. I have written a guide about housing and financial support available for veterans. It can be found here:


It is certainly a page I plan to update regularly, would you be happy to place it in your list of resources?


Warm Regards,



This book on post-traumatic stress is more of a manual and guide:

Something Missing?

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If you have used or are aware of resources that could be helpful for your colleagues, please get in touch and let us know.


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